1. Consultations are only online or on the phone.

2. You can sign up for a consultation at any time by clicking on the ‘Sign up’ tab.

3. After clicking on the ‘Sign up’ tab, the first step is to select the type of your visit. Remember to select ‘First consultation’ or ‘Follow up’.

3. In the next step, you will be asked to choose the date and time of the consultation and to complete your data (name, surname, email address and telephone number).

4. The last step is online payment. You can pay in euro by card or Masterpass. Payment before the visit is required. If the consultation is cancelled, you will receive a full refund. The cost of the first consultation is EUR 42 (or PLN 190) and the cost of the follow-up consultation is EUR 37 (or PLN 170). If you want to pay in euro, select the button ‘Change currency’, which appears after choosing your payment method. You might not be able to see the price in euro before choosing your payment method.

5. After completing the payment, you will receive an email with the confirmation of the visit and a link through which you can enter the online consultation room in the Medfile system. If, despite completing the registration, you do not receive an email with a link, write to me at the following address: zkowalskanutrition@gmail.com. If you prefer a phone call instead of an online consultation, contact me at the same email address and we’ll discuss the details of your appointment.

5. The first consultation takes one hour. Before the first consultation, please fill in the form with introductory questions to download here as Word or Pages file. Send the completed form to the following e-mail address: zkowalskanutrition@gmail.com no later than 24 hours hours before the date of our meeting. If you have up-to-date diagnostic test results (e.g. blood count, IgE test, liver panel, etc.), please send them along with the completed form to the same address.

6. After the first consultation, you will receive an email from me with all recommendations and materials that will help you introduce them into your routine. The materials included in the consultation price include sample meals and instructions for monitoring the diet and symptoms of the disease. If you have any questions, you can always contact me by e-mail or via the contact form. It is also possible to order a full meal plan as a separate service, priced individually.

7. The next consultation is usually shorter than the first (approx. 45 minutes), but the exact duration depends on how many issues need to be discussed. You are under no obligation to continue working with me after the first consultation. However, it is worth remembering that nutritional therapy of chronic diseases is often a multi-stage process, and improvements do not occur overnight.